Helen 4 WM

Hi, I’m Helen Peterson. I am the wife to Tommy, a Seminary student, mom to 5 children and a rottie. We currently live in Southern California and I have Celiac Sprue Disease. Despite popular belief, this is not an allergy to gluten, it’s a very real autoimmune disease. Healing has been a difficult journey and I am certainly not finished yet. There are so many things that I have learned and am still learning. I hope to share with you and be able to help you in the process. You can expect to read many things on this blog: experiences, original recipes, recipe alterations, recipe reviews, my thoughts on places to eat and other gluten free (gf) foods, gf make up, g cleaning products, Shaklee and how God is working in me. I’m sure I will through in other topics as I think of them or am asked.

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